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Vehicle Insurance – The insurance protection you need whenever you’re on the move.

Auto Insurance – Get the right insurance coverage for your car, truck, van or other vehicles.

Motorcycle Insurance – Ride safe and insure your motorcycle.

ATV and Motorsport Insurance – Insurance policies that cover all your toys.

Classic Car Insurance – Your classic car is an icon. Insure it well.

RV and Mobile Home Insurance – Home insurance for your home-on-the-road.

Boat and Watercraft Insurance – Insurance coverage for the captain of the ship.

As an independent insurance agency, Dick Brown and Associates, works with many different insurance companies. We can help you compare protection and prices to find the coverage and value that’s right for you.
The coverage in which you decide to purchase should be enough to protect your estate. As your estate grows, make sure to increase your limits. Give us a call as we will talk with you about what works best for your individual situation.

Your Coverage Options

Coverage is subject to policy terms and conditions, and availability varies by state. See your policy and declarations page for more details about your coverages. All policies will include liability coverage, which protects you financially if you’re responsible for an accident. This is required in most states.

Liability insurance is used when you injure someone or damage someone’s property in an accident. When you buy liability, you choose a limit which is the maximum amount that will be used in the event of a claim.


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI) is used to protect you if the other party has insufficient or no insurance limits to cover the damage they cause. This coverage could pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages caused to you.


Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) is used to repair damages to your vehicle caused by a driver who doesn’t have car insurance or in a hit-and-run situation


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a protection that covers your medical bills. In some states, other living expenses while you heal if you’re unable to work as a result of an accident no matter who’s at fault. There is coverage for funeral expenses, as well as loss of income, or in home help as you heal.  


Collision coverage is to repair damages to your car when you hit, or are hit by, another vehicle or structure. While collision and comprehensive coverages aren’t required by law, your bank may require them if you finance or lease a car.

Comprehensive Coverage (or other than collision coverage) is to repair damages to your car that’s caused by something other than a collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism, hail or flooding. It may cover damage that is made from hitting an animal.


Glass coverage can be added to most policies under comprehensive coverage. This will cover if you need to get your glass repaired or replaced.


Deductibles: When you buy collision and comprehensive, you choose a deductible. This is the amount you pay to the repair shop on a covered loss, then the company will pay the rest.


Roadside Assistance: This coverage typically covers towing when your vehicle breaks down due to a dead battery or a flat tire; you’re locked out of your car; your vehicle runs out of gas; or your vehicle gets stuck in the snow or mud.


Loss of Use/Rental Reimbursement Coverage: In the event of an accident, a rental car can be provided during the time that your vehicle is being fixed as result of a comprehensive or collision claim. Even if it is not your fault, your policy will cover the cost until the decisions is made on who is at fault.  It does not cover any damages that could happen while you are using the car.   

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Other Benefits Offered

(Not all benefits are offered by all companies.)

 Accident Forgiveness, Worldwide Rental Coverage, Electronic Lock and Key Replacement, Increased Loss of Income, Death Benefits, Pet Injury or Death Coverage, Waiver of Comprehensive Deductible, Diminishing Deductible, Emergency Expenses, New Car Replacement, and Loan/Lease Payoff or GAP Coverage.